BBB Ottawa Speakers

Discover our panel of Boss Women that will inspire you to fix your sister's crowns!


Gwen Madiba

“Wheresoever a woman stand becomes her kingdom and that there’s room for all of us to succeed.”
— Gwen Madiba

How do you interpret "Fixing each other's crowns”?

Fixing each other's crown for me means uplifting each other and celebrating each other: wither it is celebrating each other's success or each other's beauty; it's understand that the only competition we have is in front of the mirror; it is understanding that Wheresoever a woman stand becomes her kingdom and that there's room for all of us to succeed. Fixing each other's crown is understanding that we are not here to compete but rather to complement each other.

What's your drive?

What drives me is faith. My faith in God First and foremost understanding fully that "God doesn't give us a vision without provisions" and that any thing is possible for those who believe and go for it in love, faith, respect and perseverance.

What's or who's your inspiration?

What inspires me are all the hard workers I have the blessing to meet around the world who are driven by hope, love, respect and perseverance and wake up every morning to achieve greatness; folks who walk by faith constantly and succeed beyond people's expectations; those who saw obstacles as test of faith that they must pass to have access to the next level of their blessings.

What's your favorite quote on self-love?

The day that you will learn how to shamelessly embrace your flaws and love yourself, you will access a brand new level of freedom which will open doors that you did not even know existed.